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OA3150 RC 2.3 THE supercharger for Top Fuel bikes for many years, this is the unit that is fitted to the quickest and fastest dragbikes on the planet.

HPS 2.1 RC The very latest in the line of superchargers for dragbike applications, the HPSRC is 40% more volumetrically efficient than the OA3150 so ideally suited to lower revving twins whilst in a smaller package.

KR Carbon Fiber Injector Hat is designed to fit the current state of the art OA3150 2.3 RC Supercharger. The injector features many advantages over the current models available on the market:

• 675 grams in weight, less than half of the current aluminum alternatives
• Optimised air flow design
• Needle roller butterfly shaft bearings
• Minimised WOT travel (9.5 degree closed angle)


Pro Mag 44
The Pro Mag 44 is the mother of all magnetos. With no magnets to recharge, no points to replace and by producing an amazing 44 amps of primary current, it’s no wonder that the Pro Mag 44 is the choice of the leading Top Fuel Bike, and Top Fuel car teams.

The Harley Nitro Ignition is the most advanced ignition system out on the market. The FDP Programmable Harley–Nitro Ignition system combines the benefits of a Capacitive Discharge Ignition with the best features of an Inductive Ignition. The result is an incredible 800 millijoules of spark energy for 400 micro-seconds. A combination of two ignition control units are used, the main unit houses the CD and Programming controls and another with the inductive circuitry.

When the two controls are triggered they send their unique power characteristics to the two Hybrid Coils. These coils must be used with the Harley-Nitro Ignition and combine the two sparks to work as one. The CD side is primarily responsible for ionizing the spark plug gap while the current from both coils produce a high level of current and sustained spark.

630SHB-Z: The Chain for H-D Top Fuelers
With an unsurpassed 30,000-lb. tensile strengh, the 630SHB-Z is specificaly designed to handle the brutal horsepower of today’s V-twin top fuelers.
Recommended application: V-twin top fuel drag racing
Tensile strength: 30,000 lbs.

630SHB: World’s First Five-Second Chain
The EK 630SHB offers a tensile strength of 15,800 lbs. and can be used on bikes with more than 500hp. The chain has a pin diameter of .295, the master plate measures .157. The pins are full diameter the full length of the pin. The pin groove is deeper and has a better quality clip to retain the master link plate.
Recommended application: top fuel and funny bike drag racing
Tensile strength: 15,800 lbs.

630MS: Tough Enough for up to 500hp
The 630MS was specially designed for the “lighter” drag bike. It’s quad-staked, has a tensile strength of 11,880 lbs. and is rated for bikes up to 500hp. The pin diameter is .233", the side plates are .121" on the inside, outside and master.
Recommended application: drag racing up to 500hp
Tensile strength: 11,880 lbs.

530DRZ: The Pro Stock Racer’s Choice
The EK 530DRZ is chosen by more top NHRA Pro Stock Bike competitors than any other chain. The reason is simple: When a championship is on the line, you can’t afford a failure. In 2004, Sam Wheeler used the 530DRZ in recording the fastest-ever terminal speed for a two-wheel vehicle: 338.269mph!
Recommended application: drag racing up to 250hp
Tensile strength: 11,500 lbs.

FIM drag racing, 2019:
  24th-27th May:
  FIA/FIM Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, UK
  6th-9th June:
  Tierp Internationals, Tierp Arena, Sweden
  5th-7th July:
  FHRA Nitro Nationals, Kauhava, Finland
  16th-18th August:
  NitrOlympX, Hockenheim, Germany
  5th-8th September:
  FIA/FIM Euro Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, UK
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