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Bike Specifications

1/8 mile:
   - 3.835 secs, 204.91 mph (329.77 kmh)
1/4 mile:
   - 5.817 secs, 242.77 mph (390.70 kmh)
Estimated 1500 Horsepower

Puma Cases
Puma 75mm gear idler billet crankshaft
Kibblewhite valve train
APE wrist pins and cam chain idler gears
Aluminium Conrods
Puma 12V Billet Cylinder head
Puma 82mm Billet block with CrMo liners
Kent Billet camshafts
Puma gear oil pump
1585cc Displacement
Nitromethane Fuel injected
JE Pistons

HPS 2.1 RC Supercharger
Multistage MTC clutch
Owens 2 Speed planetary gearbox
Automan Clutch Management
Electrimotion Fuel Management
NCTE Torque sensing
Gates Belt Transmission
Goodridge hydraulic management
Twin 44A MSD ProMags

Puma Engineering CrMo removable backbone
Mickey Thompson Tyres
102" Wheelbase
5 Gallon ProAlloy Motorsports fuel / oil tanks 
Classic Contours aluminium bodywork
Performance Machine wheels
Performance Machine brake rotors
Performance Machine brake calipers
Hyperpro Suzuki GSXR1000 Forks and dampers
PsycleWorkz Yokes

Sponsoring - Why choose King Racing?
We campaign a Top Fuel Motorcycle – the 
  Premier class in motorcycle Dragracing
We are the only team to be European and
   British Champions
in the same Year, and are  
  current European Record Holders

Whether fans of motorcycles or not, our
  machine always impresses and creates
  a stir wherever exhibited
It’s performance figures are astounding
  – 1500 horsepower, 0-60 mph in 0.7 secs,
  0- 100 mph in 1.1 secs, 0-210+ mph in under
  6.5 secs
We are in the top five in our class in the world
Our team is comprised entirely of media
  conscious articulate professional people
Our machine is the most photographed
  in European Dragbike racing
In 2004, we were colour featured in no less
  than 8 mainstream motorcycle publications
  (combined circulation around 650,000) and are
  booked to be the subject of more in 2005 -
  combined circulation of over 100,000.
We are regularly headline featured on the two
   biggest websites in the world
devoted to
  Dragbike racing, along with the biggest in
( These sites, and have an
  average monthly true (actual individual readers
  of nearly 500,000.


Our rider is a Signature Profile interviewee on along with other professional riders 
We compete across the globe and King Racing are well known in the motorsports field
Our machine is available for promotions, exhibitions and corporate events
We are regularly featured in calendars, one being the biggest selling motorcycle calendar in the
We operate our own website, promoting the services and products offered by our associate partners
  with a true front page visit rate of over 8000 per month.
We can guarantee your company television exposure during coverage of Dragracing on channels
   across the globe

We make no apology for the frequent use of superlatives. We can stand behind all our claims.
We simply offer the best value opportunity in our discipline for mutual advantage.

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FIM drag racing, 2019:
  24th-27th May:
  FIA/FIM Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, UK
  6th-9th June:
  Tierp Internationals, Tierp Arena, Sweden
  5th-7th July:
  FHRA Nitro Nationals, Kauhava, Finland
  16th-18th August:
  NitrOlympX, Hockenheim, Germany
  5th-8th September:
  FIA/FIM Euro Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, UK
            Click here for more race dates

King Racing is featured
GULF Top Fuel Bike
India report:
Brutality in Motion

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